Sentinel Expedition Rebreather

Sentinel RebreatherWhen we say that the Sentinel is 'engineered for exploration', we really do mean it - the Sentinel is built from the ground up to meet the needs and demands of some of the most challenging and inhospitable environments. You don't need to be a cutting-edge techie to benefit from the Sentinel's unique design - whether you're pushing the limits of dive exploration or simply diving for fun, the Sentinel will take you there.

The Sentinel rebreather is the choice of dive explorers across the globe. From the caves of Florida to the deep wrecks of the Baltic and beyond, many of the world's leading explorers rely on the Sentinel to help them push the very limits of dive exploration.

Work of breathing (WOB) is an important consideration when choosing which rebreather is right for you - poor work of breathing can lead to increased CO2 levels and a generally unpleasant diving experience. The Sentinel rebreather excels with one of the lowest work of breathing of any rebreather on the market.

Exceptionally low work of breathing is achieved through a fusion of intelligent design and use of only the highest quality components. The Sentinel's unique single back-mounted inhale counterlung is positioned centrally between the canister and chest to aid work of breathing. Gas flow is further enhanced thanks to a superior canister design and high quality large bore breathing hoses.

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