SF2 Sidemount Rebreather

SF2 Sidemount RebreatherKeep it simple! This was the philosophy for the development of the SF2 which seems to have been achieved. In comparison to other units the SF2 is straight forward, compact and stream lined. Looking closely at the rebreather one can see the counter lung is integrated  into a carbon fibre body of the rebreather.

Incorporating Shearwater electronics, this sidemount rebreather is the perfect tool for the avid cave and wreck diver. With the positioning of the counter lung on the bottom of the rebreather incorporating the over pressure valve the removal of water is very simple and when in trim a diver notices a very good WOB.

Above the centre section is housed  the 2.2 kg CO2 scrubber which in turn is surrounded by the carbon fibre tube. Tools are not necessary to assemble or disassemble the SF2, in fact most fittings can be opened and closed by hand. On the top the head of the SF2 consists of 3 oxygen sensors, solenoid valve and battery box. With its positioning very little condensation after a dive is noted near or on the components. You will also note the breathing hoses are connected at a slight angle allowing for a more straight forward and comfortable fit for the diver.

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