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Some Truth About Rebreathers

An interesting article for those looking to invest in a rebreather and training.
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Accident Analysis – Near Fatal 5 Minute Pre-breathe

What can we learn from this very near-fatal miss?
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Decompression Theory - Part 1

There is a common misconception within the recreational diving community that decompression theory is a well understood process. 
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Calculating Gas Mixes, a Simplified Guide

When divers want to calculate, or in some cases are told to calculate, the best nitrox and tri mixes for their dives, there are two major reasons for the task to be completed simply, and most importantly, accurately.
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Learn to Dive with DBV

It's going to be a hot summer and now it the time to enrol in an SDI Open Water Diver Course with DBV. Our course is a 3 day program for only $599.00. Learn to dive with Victoria's most professional dive centre. 
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