rEvo RebreatherThe rEvo III hCCR (non-rMS and rMS) is a fully automatically operated closed circuit
rebreather, where the O2 addition is also supported by a constant mass flow orifice: in
case of malfunction of the automatic control system, this CMF allows to operate the
rebreather identical to a standard mCCR.

Easy to setup, easy to transport, easy to dive and easy to maintain, the rEvo III hCCR has been designed with one clear purpose in mind: simplicity in setup, simplicity in use and simplicity in maintenance. The user has access to all rebreather parts. Oxygen cells, ADV, orifice, scrubber-canisters, moisture pads can be reached by demounting the main cover, removing one screw.  

This unique design means that the rebreather has only 4 connections with O-rings used by the diver: 2 for the breathing hoses and 2 for the main cover: the scrubber lid  (each  with  a  double  o-ring).  The  risk  of  leaking,  wrong  connections,  wrong assembly and forgotten o-rings has thus been reduced to a minimum!

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