Sidemount Diving

Sidemount diverIt's the newest way to dive.... Sidemount diving has been around for decades in the cave diving world, but only just recently has it become mainstream to the general SCUBA market. And divers who previously had to shy away from carrying heavy twin tanks, such as small women or divers with back problems, are now able to perform  normal recreational dives due to the ease of carrying sidemount tanks to the water and donning the tanks in-water versus on land.

You don't need to have undertaken technical style training to do sidemount diving. Most divers take to it easily and it is not hard to understand why it is becoming more and more popular amongst recreational divers. The fact that you can have redundancy and be more streamlined and improve your buoyancy skills, which lets face it, is the goal of every diver, it should be a course that more recreational divers strive to do.

Finally, sidemount training is not just for technical divers, although we do run courses in cave and wreck sidemounting. It will give you all the necessary skills and know-how to safetly dive sidemount configurations in your normal diving environments to the limits of your current certification.

At Deep Blue Ventures we cater for recreational and technical sidemount divers. As a sidemount diver, you can do other courses on your sidemount configuration. We carry a full range of sidemount equipment, harnesses and accessories with the best advice on how you can put your rig together.

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