CDAA / TDI Dual Certification

CDAACave diving in Australia is regulated and administed by the Cave Divers Association of Australia. For many years the CDAA has facilitated for thousands of Australian and overseas visiting cave divers access to enjoy the magnificant caves and sinkholes that we have to offer in Mount Gambier and the Nullabor Plains. 

Thus in Australia, if you are wanting to learn to dive in caves you either need to be a CDAA trained diver, or be an overseas visitor with and equivalent rating.

If you learn to cave dive in Australia and are TDItravelling overseas, you may want a TDI certification as it is more widely recognized around the world.

For those wanting CDAA training, Deep Blue Ventures can provide this at all levels. However for divers wanting a TDI cave rating whether it be on Open Circuit or a Rebreather, we can offer these divers dual certification when they do the equivalent CDAA course with us.

Dual Certification Costs:

TDI Cavern Diver (Must be completed during a CDAA Deep Cavern Course) - AUD$250.00

TDI Intro to Cave Diver (Must be completed during a CDAA Cave Course) - AUD$300.00

TDI Full Cave Diver (Must be completed during a CDAA Advanced Cave Course) - AUD$350.00

Costs include Theory Online Codes, Extra Instruction and Certification

Please contact us for further info on Dual Certification


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